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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Importing Affidavits

Being able to verify ordered spots ran correctly is a vital element for media buyers.  About 30-40% of what is ordered runs wrong in this field.

Media buys are prone to human error, technical errors and programming changes. Spots may run a few minutes too late and be placed in another program, the negotiated pricing gets lost during the process, added value is missed, or program changes are not communicated properly. Making sure the client receives what is ordered is necessary for any successful campaign when it comes to any media campaign.

Comparing the spots ordered to the spots that ran on the invoice is labor intensive and deteriorates the profit margin of an agency.  This deterioration is especially significant when it comes to smaller orders for special events or limited-time discounts. Catching errors early in the game not only saves money and time; it also reduces potential frustration on everybody’s side.

Media Link Software™ has always been committed to making this process as smooth and cost-effective as possible. Our new Importing Affidavits function automates much of the labor and reduces human error in the process. You can now upload invoices and let the system do most of the work of comparing invoiced spots to the original order. This works because Media Link Software™ is able to assess relevant information by converting the invoice into the same format as the order produced by Media Link Software™.  It allows you to see which spots are matched with which parts of the order and to determine which discrepancies are still acceptable. Based on this assessment, Media Link Software™ users are now able to easily send make good requests to media vendors and speed up the entire process.

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