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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Media Buying

Media buying can be an extremely complicated task; especially when you’re doing everything by hand and creating excel spreadsheets to keep track of information.  The chance of human error is significantly high and it’s not as efficient or beneficial as a media buying system.


There are several systems out on the market to ensure you’re getting the greatest value for media placement at the best price possible, however very few of them are capable of providing you with what Media Link Software™ offers.

Why we developed our software

Frustrated with the limitations and deficiencies found in other leading media buying systems, Media Link Software™ founder, Natalie Linville-Mass, decided to tackle the problem head-on with the creation of her own advanced media buying software.  She wanted a system that would give agencies alternatives to consider, as well as the same tools and resources needed to compete on a larger scale.

Our web-based media buying platform enables fluid clarity and confidence in buys with no burdensome workarounds.

Media Link Software™ was developed to provide media buyers and advertising agencies the tools they need to serve clients with optimal effectiveness.  In addition to automating the process of planning, tracking and follow–through on media buys, our product also makes post-buy analysis possible for all clients. With Media Link Software™, media buyers have the option to prepare reports comparing all advertising options, both traditional and online, in a side-by-side comparison with Media Link Software’s™ multi-media reporting tool.

Media Link Software™ is set up on the basic principle that each buy in each medium is determined by Reach, Frequency, CPP/CPM, GRP, Share and Population.

We also reward those who invest in our product by making sure you know exactly what your costs will be now and in the future.  We keep annual licensing fees affordable and reward our customers for longevity.

Regardless of the size of your agency, Media Link Software™ is proven to get you results.  Media Link Software™ is a great time-saving tool that’s really helped us streamline the media buying process.

If interested in seeing a demo of Media Link Software™ or for additional information please contact us at 207-212-5465 or


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