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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Transparency and Documentation

Transparency and documentation in the advertising and communications industry has never been as important as today. Many campaigns start with an organization and its advertising agency defining a budget and media mix. The agency then contacts vendors, negotiates pricing and other terms, and presents proposals to the client. The outcomes of this process are the orders that make up the campaign. The agency sends these order to all vendors, which may include an additional step of negotiation. The vendor then provides the details of these orders to other internal departments responsible for executing these orders. Once, the campaign is running, an agency collects reports, compares the affidavits to the order to inventory what was delivered and negotiates make goods where the order was not fulfilled or followed correctly.

Every step of this process requires a careful look at the details and documentation of these orders, because every step along the way is prone to both human and technical errors. Media Link Software™ guides you and your clients through this journey by…

  • Document details of proposals and buys online without needing to create new files.
  • Use the same format for different buys and proposals to avoid confusion and mistakes.
  • Create very specific orders vendors can follow.
  • Quickly compare outcomes with your original order to be able to negotiate precise make goods.
  • Print out/email all documentation to clients to guarantee complete transparency.

Documentation and transparency reduce mistakes and create trust necessary for productive business relationship between agencies and clients, and agencies and vendors alike. Give us a call at 207-212-5465 if you have any questions about how Media Link Software™ can help you with your media buying process.