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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Importing Avails and Invoices

Interning at Media Link Software™ is a great experience. Most of what I am doing during my time here involves equations, numbers, and matching. I have been tasked with assisting in the research of importing affidavits directly into the Media Link Software™, so clients might save an immense amount of time. Manually submitting invoices and affidavits is…

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Post Buy Analysis – to ensure you receive the ratings you deserve

Media Link Software™ ensures you are not leaving any money on the table, by offering media buyers the ability to engage in our Post-Buy analysis, a feature many clients have been enjoying. This function allows you to generate a report, compare the actual ratings of your buys to the original projections. With this feature, you…

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Broadcast Avails and Proposals

How long does it take you to upload broadcast avails of just a single TV station into your media buying software? How many TV stations are you considering on average and over how many quarters? Add these hours to the equation and imagine what else you could have done with all of this time, or…

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Uploading Avails

Building a broadcast television buy is a tedious process because of the negotiation and the details involved that have to be a part of this process. However, we’ve just developed another way to speed this process up for the buyer. Media Link Software now has the ability to electronically import avails into our system. Importing…

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Importing Avails in the MLS media buying system

Previously on the Media Link Software media buying system, users manually added avails from broadcast reps individually.  Manually adding avails is tedious and there’s a greater chance for error.  We were receiving more requests for the ability to upload avails electronically each month, so we decided it was time to take that step.  We have…

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