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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Media “Shopping”

Media buying is similar to online shopping: you only want to pay for what you have actually ordered. When you shop online, you probably will not pay for items shipped in the wrong size, the wrong color, or delayed items. The same applies to media buying. Why pay for spots that ran in the wrong program or on the wrong date? However, when you have ordered several dozen spots in several different programs or advertisements in different newspapers and on different days, tracking all of them is often difficult and confusing. Media Link Software TM can assist you with tracking your marketing campaigns.

When ordering media, this software allows you to insert your order and its exact conditions. It allows you to insert conditions such as the date, day-of-the-week, time, program, and the price. Often when programs are canceled, your spot is canceled too or placed in a different program, which means your advertisement fails to reach your target audience. To ensure you only pay when your spot ran at the ordered time, in the ordered program, and in the ordered quantity, Media Link Software TM allows you to track each item individually. Only when all conditions were fulfilled, your order status turns green, signaling your order is ready to be processed for payment. When one of these conditions was not fulfilled, the order status remains red, telling you that additional negotiations with the media seller are necessary.

Media Link Software TM allows you to track outdoor, social media, online, print, broadcast, cable, and radio campaigns with one system. Additionally, the software’s cross reference reports allow users to compare performances of different campaigns. Comparing “apples to apples” gives you crucial knowledge about the performance of each individual campaign. To sum this up, Media Link Software™ is a simple tool to save money and time. Being able to view all orders and conditions online saves you time. Additionally, paying only for the campaigns that fulfilled your conditions will save you money. Please contact us for more information on Media Link Software TM’s features and how it can help your business to grow.