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Archive for 2015

Mac vs PC

Not only is Media Link Software™ web based, our software is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. The ease of use across both systems allows for the user to be mobile and flexible with their location and computer while putting together proposals and orders. Also, you don’t have to worry about converting to…

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Watch Us Work Hard for You

We have recently added a new feature to Media Link Software™:  the Heat Map. The Heat Map is a visual map enabling you to track our work on the software. For instance, we just recently added new options for Radio and TV stations in avails and improved CPP and CPM calculations. Many of these changes…

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Broadcast Avails and Proposals

How long does it take you to upload broadcast avails of just a single TV station into your media buying software? How many TV stations are you considering on average and over how many quarters? Add these hours to the equation and imagine what else you could have done with all of this time, or…

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Why Use Media Buying Software?

Media buying software provides numerous advantages over ad buying without. Buying media with Media Link Software™ helps advertising agencies do the following: Maximize marketing dollars with strategic media buying software. Store vital information and enjoy peace of mind utilizing a secure web-based server. Negotiate smarter buys using the latest industry formulas for reach and frequency.…

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Understanding a Software

By: Zack Wheeler Sometimes it can be scary trying to learn something new.  On the first day I started my internship with Media Link, they said they created their own software that they work with every day.  I was a little nervous.  I am a marketing major, not a computer science major, and sometimes learning…

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An Intern’s Perspective

In the classic movie Good Will Hunting, Will was a kid with a genius level IQ and nothing could get by him. When discussing art on a park bench with his therapist, Michelangelo was brought up. Will would probably know everything about the artist; his artwork, political aspirations, relationship with the Pope, etc. Then his…

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Newest Addition to the Team

We proudly announce our newest addition to our Media Link Software™ team: Marketing Assistant, Adrian Wille. After years of living in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, Adrian decided to settle here in the Quad Cities in late 2013. He is an MA graduate with an economics, business and marketing background.  His strategic…

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Circulation and Readership

As a (soon to be) college graduate, interning at an advertising agency has been an enlightening experience. One of the bigger takeaways I’ve had is the different vernacular used by media buyers and those selling media. The two that really stood out to me were “readership” and “circulation”. They originally seemed like they could be…

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Make Goods and Media Buying

Make Goods can be stressful things, but Media Link Software™ helps facilitate the process for media buyers. Creating a Make Good or credit request in our software is similar to creating an order, but EASIER. A few simple clicks is all it takes and your missed spot report is ready to go. Media Link Software™…

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Streaming Services and Media Buying

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV are changing the way consumers watch TV. Long gone are the days of families sitting down in the evenings to watch their favorite show. Now-a-days consumers can catch their favorite show on their own timetable. You are able to watch a program that used…

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