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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Broadcast Avails and Proposals

How long does it take you to upload broadcast avails of just a single TV station into your media buying software? How many TV stations are you considering on average and over how many quarters? Add these hours to the equation and imagine what else you could have done with all of this time, or how much this time would cost your company.

We had exactly the same experience and decided it was time for a change! Our software, Media Link Software™ is able to quickly upload avails that are preformatted in excel files. Once a file is formatted, you simply log into Media Link Software™, choose your client and click upload. All avails will be automatically sorted according to day and time in just a few seconds, and you will still be able to change information or add additional programs manually.

We’ve also made a number of strides in developing the proposals and orders you need to make for your clients.  In our software, when the programs you choose are loaded into a proposal the spots you assign are automatically calculated, so you know where your money, GRPS, reach, frequency and CPP are at as you develop your buy.

Call us at 207-212-5465 for more information on how to save time and money with Media Link Software™.