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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

We Listen

We all know the feeling when your software just doesn’t want to do what you need it to do. The entire issue can probably be solved with a simple fix, but how do you make a corporation realize that?

And that’s how Media Link Software® is different! We listen to our users and strive to prioritize suggested upgrades – no matter how small. Within the last 60 days, customer feedback alone resulted in the following upgrades – and these don’t include our regular updates:

  • Added daypart options
  • Added windows supporting above daypart options feature
  • Added vendors whose invoices can be imported
  • Sped up ratings queries by optimizing the data flows
  • Improved formulas of print metrics
  • Added a print preview option to the affidavits function

We would like to thank everyone whose feedback contributed to these improvements and encourage you to share your experiences with us.