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Archive for 2012

Media Link Software Introduces It's Newest Addition

I’m Alexis Nimmers the new Account Manager here at Media Link Software.  I’ve actually been working with this company the past four months as an intern and have been promoted into this position.   I’m a recent graduate of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO with a degree in Journalism.  I was actively involved with…

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Make Goods Made Easy

Make Goods can be stressful things, but Media Link Software™ helps facilitate the process for media buyers.  Creating a Make Good in our software is similar to creating an order, but EASIER.  A few simple clicks is all it takes and your Make Good report is ready to go.  Media Link Software™ allows you to…

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A Year In Review

It’s been a remarkable year here at Media Link Software™, and this month we’re excited to celebrate not only the one-year anniversary of our media buying platform’s official launch but also our 11th year in operation as a full-service advertising agency.  We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us throughout…

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An Easy Learning Curve

Learning a new software system can be a daunting task, especially if you are learning a media buying software system.  I happen to be in that situation right now. I’ve only been working at Media Link, Inc. for a month and using our ad buying platform, Media Link Software™, is a major part of my…

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Monthly Reports

We’ve been making steady changes and improvements to our media buying software over the past couple months and one we’d like to cast a special highlight on is the recent addition of a Monthly Totals table.  This new feature appears within each individual order report and calculates your gross and net totals, GRPs and spot…

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It’s a question we’ve been asked on more than one occasion, and the answer is “yes” – Media Link Software™ comes equipped with the ability to pull rankers so you can easily define the top media vehicles for your demographic in a given market for TV, Cable and Radio. Along with Reach and Frequency formulas…

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Creating Custom Markets

Media buyers who subscribe to ratings services like Nielsen and Arbitron know those subscriptions come attached with a pretty hefty price tag.  Coupled with license fees for media buying software, purchasing multiple markets can quickly become an overwhelming annual expense.  Most smaller to mid-size agencies simply don’t have the extra funds available to justify such…

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MLS ad buying software adds Post Buy Analysis

Media Link Software™ ensures you’re not leaving any money on the table by offering media buyers the ability to engage in our Post-Buy analysis, a new feature our programmers recently added to our cutting-edge system.  This function allows you to generate a report comparing the actual ratings of your buys to the original projections so…

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Specialty Item Tracking

We’re all about the details here at Media Link Software™. It was our goal upon initial development of our platform to produce an entirely comprehensive end product. The wide selection of specialty products available today can compliment other marketing efforts and be directly distributed to your target market. So, why is this advertising outlet continuously…

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Basic Formulas

As promised last month, here are the formulas for our Broadcast section of MLS. Please note; these formulas are a work in progress and we are more than willing to hear suggestions. Rating – Given by Nielson or Arbitron or Provided by User Share – Given by Nielson or Arbitron or Provided by User Gross…

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